What’s happened to

Anchorage IS a crime.

 ~ Safety ~

• Public safety is the number one role of government.

• Resources allocated to public safety should be determined by what is needed to get the job done. Public safety should not “compete” with other programs and services for resources.

• Public safety should be viewed as a key component of a favorable business climate that attracts investment and is the foundation for a strong economy.


 ~ Prevention ~

• Zero Tolerance Policy.

• Stop “non-violent” criminal behavior quickly and swiftly to reduce more serious crimes.

• All criminals must receive an appropriate punishment.


 ~ Prosecution ~

• Protecting the victim(s) and public at all times is the priority. Common sense must prevail over computer algorithms when determining the threat level of someone awaiting trial.

• Incarceration is acceptable as a form of punishment and rehabilitation and should not be viewed as a budget burden with a goal to reduce the prison population to save money.


No longer soft on crime.

Rebecca Logan for Mayor

Campaign Headquarters

329 E. 5th Avenue

Anchorage, AK 99501

(907) 351-0970


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