My Key Issues: 


My number one priority is to reduce the alarming rate of crime that has Anchorage residents living in fear. As I visit with my neighbors in Anchorage, it’s clear more needs to be done to address the shocking crime wave underway in our city.  It is unacceptable for people not to feel safe walking on our trails and sidewalks, and even worse that citizens feel no safer in their own homes.  Criminal justice reform should put people before criminals; empowering the citizens of Anchorage to understand their rights in defending their lives and their property and  strengthening their rights to do so, providing the  police department with the tools they need to prevent crime  and ensuring that those who chose to break the law do the time that fits the crime.

 Core Services 

I plan to focus on delivering core services while minimizing the tax burden to Anchorage residents. My budget will focus on public safety, economic growth and infrastructure. I’ll ensure that taxpayers do not have to choose between snowplowing and an adequately staffed police department.

 Anchorage Economy 

The private sector is the only entity capable of lifting us out of the current economic slump. More good-paying jobs in Anchorage will go a long way toward solving a lot of our problems. With 16,000 small businesses in Anchorage, the quickest way to economic growth is to help our small businesses grow. By eliminating costly regulations, providing a favorable business climate that allows them to expand their business and hire more people, a path to economic prosperity can be created.

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